The audit was to examine the financial statements and supporting financial and other records and informations, in order to form an independent auditor and express an opinion on the accuracy and objectivity of the information contained in the financial statements, which are subject to testing. Testing data and express opinions is executed in accordance with International Standards on Auditing, which, in accordance with national audit regulations adopted as a domestic professional standards.
Accordingly, the audit services include:

• statutory audit and the audit of the consolidated financial statements
• audit of operations
• review of projects
• involvement in the review of financial statements
• engagement on the basis of which offers assurance of compliance with the provisions of the contract
• involvement in the review and compilation of projected financial information
• involvement in carrying out the agreed procedures, which amongst other things includes the issuance of reports on factual findings
• Review the adequacy of accounting systems and internal controls
• other services in the scope of work related to audits.