Graduate Master in Economics, has many years of experience in auditing of individual and consolidated financial statements, risk managament, due diilligence, audit projects. She began her career at Delta Generali Osiguranje as an associate in the financial sector.
Auditors career started in 2009 in the company of accounting, auditing and tax services, where she worked as an auditor in the audit of many companies. Some of them are: PE PTT Serbia, JP Jugoimport SDPR, Infrastructure Railways of Serbia ad, NID Company “Novosti” ad Products Ltd. Beograd, Frikom doo Belgrade, Dijamant ad Zrenjanin, ABC, Idea Beograd, Mg Mivela doo Beograd, Nova Sloga doo Trstenik, HIP Petrohemija Pancevo. Since 2017, Jelena joins the company of accounting, auditing and tax services ROSH Audit doo Belgrade, where he managed a team to audit a large number of companies.
It has excellent knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards, International Accounting Standards, International Standards on Auditing, International Accounting Standards for Small and Medium Enterprises, the Law on Accounting and Audit Act.